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Latest Scores
BB 4/22 Cal PA 4-6
BB 4/23 Fairmont 5-15
SB 4/23 Fairmont 0-8
LX 4/24 St. Vincent 11-12
SB 4/25 Salem 2-0
LX 4/26 Seton Hill 9-10
BB 4/26 West Liberty 4-5
BB 4/26 West Liberty 6-7
SB 4/27 Charleston 1-2
Upcoming Events
BB 12-25-0 (4-12-0)
SB 24-16-1 (17-9-1)
LX 4-8


WVIAC Volleyball Tournament Notebook

The Schedule:
Thursday, November 8:
G1: #8 Pitt Johnstown (14-14, 9-9) vs. #9 Davis & Elkins (8-20, 7-11) 11:00
G2: #7 Fairmont State (10-20, 10-8) vs. #10 Ohio Valley (12-24, 5-13) 1:00
G3: #6 Glenville State (14-19, 10-8) vs. #11 West Liberty State (7-30, 5-13) 1:00
G4: #5 Alderson-Broaddus (17-18, 12-6) vs. #12 Shepherd (9-21, 5-13) 3:00
G5: #4 West Virginia State (20-13, 15-3) vs. #13 Concord (4-25, 3-15) 3:00
G6: #3 Charleston (24-11, 15-3) vs. #14 Salem International (2-24, 1-17) 5:00
G7: #2 West Virginia Wesleyan (23-10, 16-2) vs. #15 Bluefield State (0-21, 0-18) 5:00
Friday, November 9:
G8: #1 Wheeling Jesuit (29-11, 18-0) vs. G1 winner 5:00
G9: G4 winner vs. G5 winner 5:00
G10: G2 winner vs. G7 winner 7:30
G11: G3 winner vs. G6 winner 7:30
Saturday, November 10:
G12: G8 winner vs. G9 winner 9:00
G13: G10 winner vs. G11 winner 11:00
G14: Championship match 4:00

Team-by-Team Capsules:
#1 Wheeling Jesuit "Cardinals" (29-11, 18-0)
Head Coach: Christy Benner
Key Players: L Vanessa Lepore, OH Caitlin Carey, MB Brandi Sroka, OH Catie Halberstadt, RS Jess Castmore, MB Emily Borchers.
WVIAC Tournament Titles: 4 (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003).
Last Season's Tournament: d. Bluefield State 3-0; d. WV Wesleyan 3-0; d. Charleston 3-2; l. WV State 0-3 (championship).
Last 10 Matches: 9-1
Key Victories: Hillsdale 3-1, WV Wesleyan 3-0, WV State 3-0, Shippensburg 3-0, Shippensburg 3-1, Charleston 3-2, Findlay 3-2.
Team Hitting %: .215
Kills Per Game: 14.4
Notes: The Cardinals have played in the WVIAC Tournament championship match in each of the past seven seasons...Wheeling Jesuit is 139-6 in conference regular season play since the start of the 1999 season...Emily Borchers and Jessica Castmore are each ranked in the WVIAC top ten in hitting percentage.

#2 West Virginia Wesleyan "Bobcats" (23-10, 16-2)
Head Coach: April DeCoste
Key Players: MH Maria Broslawsky, OH Caitlin Smyth, S Sara Collins, OH Blake Saumell, MB Katie Karper.
WVIAC Tournament Titles: 7 (1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997)
Last Season's Tournament: d. Ohio Valley 3-0, l. Wheeling Jesuit 0-3.
Last 10 Matches: 8-2
Key Victories: Alderson-Broaddus W 3-0, WV State 3-2, Alderson-Broaddus 3-0, Charleston 3-0.
Team Hitting %: .199
Kills Per Game: 13.7
Notes: The Bobcats won seven straight tournament championships from 1991 to 1997, but have not won the title since...Wesleyan's second place regular season finish was the program's best since 2004...Caitlin Smyth and Maria Broslawsky rank 3-4 in the WVIAC in kills per game.

#3 Charleston "Golden Eagles" (24-11, 15-3)
Head Coach: Bren Stevens
Key Players: MH Katy Skelley, OH Rebecca LaBrake, OH Roslyn Adams, OH Jami Turrill, L Megan Geiger, RS Amanda Wakeman.
WVIAC Tournament Titles: 2 (2004, 2005)
Last Season's Tournament: d. Glenville State 3-0; l. Wheeling Jesuit 2-3.
Last 10 Matches: 7-3
Key Victories: Alderson-Broaddus 3-0, WV State 3-1, Slippery Rock 3-2, Seton Hill 3-0.
Team Hitting %: .204
Kills Per Game: 12.2
Notes: The Golden Eagles have won two of past three WVIAC Tournaments...UC leads the league in digs (20.81 d/g)...Katy Skelley ranks among the WVIAC top ten in blocks and kills...The Golden Eagles have played in seven five-game matches this season, winning three.

#4 West Virginia State "Yellow Jackets" (20-13, 15-3)
Head Coach: Shannon Gerencir
Key Players: S/OH Christina Wichrowski, S Jennifer Paswaters, OH Ashlee Mishler, OH Blair Ruddle, MB Kerri Kraus, L Kristin Hager
WVIAC Tournament Titles: 1 (2006)
Last Season's Tournament: d. Fairmont State 3-0; d. Alderson-Broaddus 3-0, d. Wheeling Jesuit 3-0 (championship)
Last 10 Matches: 10-0
Key Victories: Gannon 3-1; Alderson-Broaddus 3-0; Seton Hill 3-1; Charleston 3-2.
Team Hitting %: .205
Kills Per Game: 14.6
Notes: The Jackets have the momentum of an 11-match win streak as they defend their tournament title...Setter Jennifer Paswaters leads the WVIAC in assists...Kristin Hager paces the league in digs...Christina Wichrowski is second in hitting percentage.

#5 Alderson-Broaddus "Battlers" (17-18, 12-6)
Head Coach: Carrie Bodkins
Key Players: MH Sarah Neikirk, S Jamilyn DeCorte, OH Amanda Check, OH Danielle Schleiden.
WVIAC Tournament Titles: 4 (1983, 1984, 1985, 1986).
Last Season's Tournament: d. West Liberty State 3-0; d. Shepherd 3-0; l. WV State 0-3.
Last 10 Matches: 6-4
Team Hitting %: .150
Kills Per Game: 13.8
Notes: The Battlers own a six-match win streak after snapping a six-match losing skid...Sarah Neikirk is fifth in the league in kills...Freshman Amanda Check ranks seventh in kills.

#6 Glenville State "Pioneers" (14-19, 10-8)
Head Coach: Jerry Gregg
Key Players: S Erica Hale, RS Lauren Saelens, OH Meagan Monk, MH Camai Roberson, L Jennifer Hecht, OH Chelsea Tripp.
WVIAC Tournament Titles: None.
Last Season's Tournament: d. Salem International 3-0; l. Charleston 0-3.
Last 10 Matches: 5-5
Team Hitting %: .156
Kills Per Game: 11.9
Notes: Glenville State won 10 games in league play for the first time in program history...The Pioneers won a game versus Conference USA leader Marshall in late August...Freshman Erica Hale leads the WVIAC in aces and is fourth in assists.

#7 Fairmont State "Falcons" (10-20, 10-8)
Head Coach: Larry Hill
Key Players: OH Staci Skinner, OH Micah Bell, MH Alisha Starcher, S Ashley Conger.
WVIAC Tournament Titles: 5 (1988, 1989, 1990, 1998, 1999)
Last Season's Tournament: d. Davis & Elkins 3-1; l. WV State 0-3.
Last 10 Matches: 6-4
Team Hitting %: .220
Kills Per Game: 12.7
Notes: Head coach Larry Hill picked up his 500th career victory earlier this season in a five-game thriller versus Ohio Valley...Senior Staci Skinner currently leads the WVIAC with 3.95 kills per game...Micah Bell is sixth in league kills.

#8 Pitt Johnstown "Mountain Cats"
Head Coach: Linda Renzi
Key Players: MH Megan Lasut, OH Abby Gearhart, S Merissa Larrew, MH Casey Ritenour, RS Kristin Irwin, L Kathryn Shadron
WVIAC Tournament Titles: 0
Last Season's Tournament: n/a
Last 10 Matches: 6-4
Team Hitting %: .224
Kills Per Game: 11.1
Notes: UPJ is competing in their first WVIAC Volleyball Tournament...The Mountain Cats are second in the conference in hitting percentage...Casey Jo Ritenour and Megan Lasut are tied for second in the league with 1.17 blocks per game.

#9 Davis & Elkins "Senators" (9-26, 7-10)
Head Coach: Tonia Allen
Key Players: MH Jennifer Pell, L Heidi Floyd, MH Ashlynn Nuckols, OH Becky Vance, OH Haley Snyder
WVIAC Tournament Titles: None.
Last Season's Tournament: l. Fairmont State 1-3.
Last 10 Matches: 3-7
Team Hitting %: .235
Kills Per Game: 12.7
Notes: The Senators lead the conference in hitting percentage...D&E dropped a four-game decision to first round foe Pitt Johnstown during the regular season...Jennifer Pell's .384 hitting percentage leads the WVIAC.

#10 Ohio Valley "Fighting Scots" (12-24, 5-13)
Head Coach: Paul Jacoby
Key Players: OH Michelle Morrison, OH Kristan Ashbrook, L Mandy Strom, SS Amy Graham.
WVIAC Tournament Titles: None.
Last Season's Tournament: l. WV Wesleyan 0-3.
Last 10 Matches: 2-8
Team Hitting %: .187
Kills Per Game: 11.1
Notes: Michelle Morrison is second in the conference with 3.88 kills per game...OVU lost a five-game match to first round foe Fairmont State in September.

#13 West Liberty State "Hilltoppers" (7-30, 5-13)
Head Coach: Brooke Turner
Key Players: MB Kelli Moore, L Casey Thomas.
WVIAC Tournament Titles: 1 (1981)
Last Season's Tournament: l. Alderson-Broaddus 0-3.
Last 10 Matches: 3-7
Team Hitting %: .128
Kills Per Game: 9.5
Notes: Former Wheeling Jesuit standout Brooke Turner has improved WLSC from one victory to seven in her first season as head coach...Libero Casey Thomas is fifth in the league in digs.

#12 Shepherd "Rams" (9-21, 5-13)
Head Coach: Sarah Smith
Key Players: Stephanie Natale, Julie Robertson, Emily McCoy
WVIAC Tournament Titles: 1 (1982)
Last Season's Tournament: d. Concord 3-1; l. Alderson-Broaddus 0-3
Last 10 Matches: 4-6
Team Hitting %: .153
Kills Per Game: 10.1

#13 Concord "Mountain Lions" (4-25, 3-15)
Head Coach: Pat Hardin
Key Players: L Kelly Newberry, OH Lindsey Shepherd.
WVIAC Tournament Titles: 1 (1987)
Last Season's Tournament: l. Shepherd 1-3.
Last 10 Matches: 1-9
Team Hitting%: .119
Kills Per Game: 8.3

#14 Salem International "Tigers" (2-24, 1-17)
Head Coach: Gerry Szabo
Key Players: MH Andrea Bokun, S Ellie Bliss, MH Kassidy Nutter.
WVIAC Tournament Titles: None.
Last Season's Tournament: l. Glenville State 0-3.
Last 10 Matches: 0-10
Team Hitting %: .034
Kills Per Game: 7.1

#15 Bluefield State "Lady Blues" (0-21, 0-18)
Head Coach: Arnie Walters
Key Players: MH Kimmie Patton, S Virginia Smith, OH Megan Ferrell
WVIAC Tournament Titles: None.
Last Season's Tournament: l. Wheeling Jesuit 0-3.
Last 10 Matches: 0-10
Team Hitting %: -.017
Kills Per Game: 6.1

A Look Back at 2006:
WVIAC Tournament: (11/2-4 at Charleston, WV)
Glenville State 3, Salem International 0 (30-21, 30-23, 30-23)
Fairmont State 3, Davis & Elkins 1 (28-30, 30-23, 30-18, 30-16)
Shepherd 3, Concord 1 (26-30, 30-17, 30-22, 30-21)
West Virginia Wesleyan 3, Ohio Valley 0 (30-28, 30-14, 30-26)
Alderson-Broaddus 3, West Liberty State 0 (30-12, 30-15, 30-17)
Wheeling Jesuit 3, Bluefield State 0 (30-14, 30-13, 30-20)
West Virginia State 3, Fairmont State 0 (30-17, 30-26, 30-21)
Alderson-Broaddus 3, Shepherd 0 (30-27, 30-24, 30-25)
Charleston 3, Glenville State 0 (30-27, 30-24, 30-18)
Wheeling Jesuit 3, West Virginia Wesleyan 0 (33-31, 30-24, 30-24)
West Virginia State 3, Alderson-Broaddus 0 (30-15, 30-25, 30-23)
Wheeling Jesuit 3, Charleston 2 (30-32, 20-30, 30-23, 30-20, 15-13)
West Virginia State 3, Wheeling Jesuit 0 (30-23, 30-26, 33-31)
All-WVIAC Tournament Team:
MVP-Taryn Haas (WVSU), Catie Halberstadt (WJU), Vanessa Lepore (WJU), Tiffany Board (FSU), Caitlyn Smyth (WVWC), Kati Michelinie (A-B), Sam Meyer (UC), Blair Ruddle (WVSU), Dava Kaltenecker (WVSU), Leah Wilson (WVSU).

Polling Booth:
A look back at the preseason WVIAC coaches' poll shows regular season second place squad West Virginia Wesleyan as the league's surprise team.  The Bobcats were picked in a sixth place tie in the coaches' poll.

Coming Attraction:
Seton Hill will become eligible for next season's WVIAC championship.  The Griffins placed fifth in the final regular season standings as they won 12 of their final 13 matches to end at 17-10 overall, 13-5 in the conference.

Past WVIAC Tournament Champions:
1981:  West Liberty
1982:  Shepherd
1983:  Alderson-Broaddus
1984:  Alderson-Broaddus
1985:  Alderson-Broaddus
1986:  Alderson-Broaddus
1987:  Concord
1988:  Fairmont State
1989:  Fairmont State
1990:  Fairmont State
1991:  West Virginia Wesleyan
1992:  West Virginia Wesleyan
1993:  West Virginia Wesleyan
1994:  West Virginia Wesleyan
1995:  West Virginia Wesleyan
1996:  West Virginia Wesleyan
1997:  West Virginia Wesleyan
1998:  Fairmont State
1999:  Fairmont State
2000:  Wheeling Jesuit
2001:  Wheeling Jesuit
2002:  Wheeling Jesuit
2003:  Wheeling Jesuit
2004:  Charleston
2005:  Charleston
2006:  West Virginia State

WVIAC Tournament MVP's:
1985:  Michelle Miles (A-B)
1986:  not available
1987:  Tracey Rowe (FSC)
1988:  Cheryl Phillips (Salem)
1989:  Tracey Rowe (FSC)
1990:  Martha Ganoe (FSC)
1991:  Kate Markovich (WVWC)
1992:  Sue Reiff (WVWC)
1993:  Kate Markovich (WVWC)
1994:  Cynthia Aviles (WJU)
1995:  Susan Wren (WVWC)
1996:  Laura Granger (A-B)
1997:  Katie Dreisbach (WVWC)
1998:  Andi Daniels (FSC)
1999:  Natasha Ross (FSC)
2000:  Gretchen Krumdieck (WJU)
2001:  Meredith Neff (WJU)
2002:  Casey Harris-Anderson (WJU)
2003:  Brooke Turner (WJU)
2004:  Sam Meyer (UC)
2005:  Rebecca LaBrake (UC)
2006:  Taryn Haas (WVSU)

Past All-WVIAC Tournament Teams:
1987:  Robin Tignor (A-B); Katrina Street (CC); Sherri Zappi (CC); Tracey Rowe (FSC); Lori Rogers (FSC); Sharon Littlejohn (Shep.); Georgia Dawson (WLSC); Shelley Rogers (WLSC); Sally Lambert (FSC).
1988:  Tracy Pauley (UC); Tammy Pence (GSC); Sharon Littlejohn(SC); Regina Eberhardt (A-B); Missy Bryant (CC); Tracey Rowe (FSC); Penny Wagner (FSC); Connie Wade (Salem); Cindy Capp (WVWC); Cheryl Phillips (Salem).
1989:  Tracey Rowe (FSC); Katrina Street (CC); Teresa Haggerty (FSC); Rhonda Peck (A-B); Barb Parrish (WLSC); Michelle Barnhart (Shep.); Milene Chorovich (WLSC); Denise Fisher (A-B); Tammy Hughes (GSC).
1990:  Wendy Price-Cline (CC); Sue Taylor (Shep.); Tracey Pauley (UC); Tammy Pence-Hughes (GSC); Debbie Spears (A-B); Melissa Lazzari (WVWC); Sue Reiff (WVWC); Tracey Rowe (FSC); Martha Ganoe (FSC).
1991:  Julie Priest (WLSC); Suzanne Large (CC); Tracey Pauley (CC); Mary Ganoe (FSC); Penny Wagner (FSC); Mona Malloy (WVWC); Melissa Lazzari (WVWC); Sue Reiff (WVWC), Kate Markovich (WVWC).
1992:  Pam Noble (A-B); Cynthia Aviles (WJU); Heather Pence (CC); Rhonda McGrady (CC); Melissa Lazzari (WVWC); Kate Markovich (WVWC); Teresa Haggerty (FSC); Mary Ganoe (FSC), Sue Reiff (WVWC).
1993:  Pam Noble (A-B); Kate Markovich (WVWC); Teresa Haggerty (FSC); Jo Ellen Park (FSC); Tara Kirk (UC); Cindy Sensenich (WLSC); Sue Reiff (WVWC); Anne Rothwell (WJU); Afarin Shahidi (WVWC).
1994:  Robin Cavender (A-B); Courtney Fochtman (FSC); Nancy Dean (SC); Brandy Dobson (WJU), Ann Rothwell (WJU); Carly Pariseau (WVWC); Sonya Seifert (WVWC); Stacey Cannon (UC); Cynthia Aviles (WJU).
1995:  Becca Fleshman (WVWC); Amber Clark (UC); Cynthia Aviles (WJU); Devonne Wilson (FSC); Sue Wrenn (WVWC); Sonya Seifert (WVWC); Suzy Stoffel (UC); Courtney Fochtman (FSC); Laura Granger (A-B).
1996:  Laura Granger (A-B); Missy Billy (A-B); Robin Cavender (A-B); Tara Sanders (SC); Cheryl Stout (GSC); Stacey Cannon (UC); Julie Kazprzak (WVWC); Amanda Stewart (WJU); Susan Wren (WVWC).
1997:  Andi Daniels (FSC); Courtney Fochtman (FSC); Amanda Schmidt (SC); Loarie Hanna (Tech); Katie Dreisbach (WVWC); Laura Granger (A-B); Cheryl Stout (GSC); Suzy Stoffel (UC); Kristine Thompson (WJU).
1998:  Andi Daniels (FSC); Carrie Whalen (A-B); Cheryl Stout (GSC); Amanda Schmidt (SC); Summer Paynter (A-B); Devonne Wilson (FSC); Katie Dreisbach (WVWC); Nicole Lafollette (UC); Natalie Rappold (FSC).
1999:  Natasha Ross (FSC); Cheyanne Stanley (FSC); Natalie Rappold (FSC); Traci Payne (UC); Mary Weisensee (UC); Katie Dreisbach (WVWC); Jennifer Zipf (WVWC); Casey Murdock (WJU); Cassie Leonard (SC).
2000:  Gretchen Krumdieck (WJU); Nicole Farrell (WJU); Kirsten Hearn (WJU); Mandy Butcher (A-B); Rikki Phillips (A-B); Nicole Lafollette (UC); Traci Payne (UC); Natasha Ross (FSC); Cassie Leonard (SC); Sarah Acton (WVWC).
2001:  Meredith Neff (WJU); Nicole Farrell (WJU); Jenny Fromherz (UC); Amanda Ansell (UC); Nicole Lafollette (UC); Waleska Carrion (WJU); Meghann Dix (WVWC); Cheyanne Stanley (FSC); Latonia Petersheim (A-B); Sarah Acton (WVWC); Natasha Ross (FSC).
2002:  Kim Pirisino (SC); Brandi Dicke (A-B); Latoya Parks (GSC); Kaitlyn Shumate (WVWC); Bethany Biggs (WJU); Briania Jones (UC); Latonia Petersheim (A-B); Judy Whims (SC); Kim Melinauskas (WJU); Cheyanne Stanley (FSC); Casey Harris-Anderson (WJU).
2003:  Brooke Turner (WJU), Latonia Petersheim (A-B), Briania Jones (UC), Bethany Biggs (WJU), Susanna Hill (SC), Kirstin Hearn (WJU), Brandi Dicke (A-B), Vivianna Luna (FSC), Jennifer Wine (UC), Amanda Olsen (WVWC), Jackie Murphy (WVWC).
2004:  Sam Meyer (UC), Holly Everhart (SU), Jackie Murphy (WVWC), Waleska Carrion (WJU), Bobbi Jo Devericks (A-B), Brandy Neff (UC), Kaitlyn Shumate (WVWC), Bri Jones (UC), Leah Wilson (WVSU), Bethany Biggs (WJU), Latonia Petersheim (A-B).
2005:  Rebecca LaBrake (UC), Katy Skelley (UC), Sam Meyer (UC), Ashley Newcomer (WJU), Laurie Schade (WJU), Taryn Haas (WVSU), Kristan Ashbrook (OVU), Tiffany Board (FSU), Susanna Hill (SU), Stephanie Harwood (WVSU), Jackie Murphy (WVWC).
2006:  Taryn Haas (WVSU), Catie Halberstadt (WJU), Vanessa Lepore (WJU), Tiffany Board (FSU), Caitlin Smyth (WVWC), Kati Michelinie (A-B), Sam Meyer (UC), Blair Ruddle (WVSU), Dava Kaltenecker (WVSU), Leah Wilson (WVSU).

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