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Internships are a great way to gain the experience you'll need when you begin to look for a job.  An internship will supplement the theoretical knowledge you'll learn in the classroom with practical learning experiences.  At WJU, internships are sponsored by several academic departments and are typically organized as 1 - 3 credit courses in coordination with off-campus agencies and businesses.  Academic departments can only sponsor internships with the approval of the Associate Academic Dean.  Students interested in pursuing an internship need to discuss their plans with their academic advisor before taking any other action. 

STEP 1: Begin by discussing your internship plans with your academic advisor.
You need to clarify or address your interest areas with your academic advisor AND determine whether the internship placement will be practical or possible from an academic perspective.

STEP 2: Once you obtain permission from your academic advisor, locate your internship placement.
Tap into the following resources to locate an internship:

  • Internship Resources on the Web
  • Internship Resources in our Career Services Office
    We have on file various internship opportunities ranging from local to national and to international ones. You may just find the right internship for you.   
  • Contact the following people for ideas: your academic advisor, department chairs, teaching and adjunct faculty.
  • Network with local businesses and organizations.
  • Contact students or alumni who are currently completing or have completed an internship.
  • Students who receive the Career Services Newsletter (starting 10/1/04) through e-mail can research more into the internships that are advertised through there.  Copies of the Career Services Newsletter can be obtained at the Career Services Office. 

STEP 3: After you find your internship placement, choose a Faculty Supervisor.

Keep in mind the following points:

  • The Faculty Supervisor MUST be a full-time faculty member who is willing to supervise your internship experience.
  • The Faculty Supervisor MUST be in the department in which you expect to receive credit.
  • The Faculty Supervisor can be your academic advisor, course instructor, or any full-time faculty member who is familiar with you and has adequate knowledge of the types of activities you will be engaging in.
  • Your Faculty Supervisor assists in establishing meaningful objectives and evaluating the internship experience.

STEP 4: Apply for, interview, and acquire your internship placement.

  • The WJU Career Services Center is here to help you with filling out applications, developing interview strategies, and all the other parts of acquiring your internship. Stop by to see us with your questions and concerns or call us to arrange an appointment.

STEP 5: Complete and submit the "Internship Registration Form" for approval by Academic Dean.

  • The Internship Registration Form must be completed in consultation with your Faculty Supervisor and your Work-Site Supervisor AND must be approved prior to the beginning of the internship.
  • The registration form can also be obtained from the Registrar's Office or from the Associate Academic Dean.

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