Post-Master's Nursing Certificate Program Curriculum

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The post-master's certificate programs are offered entirely online and range from 12-26 credit hours. The courses offered in each track are as follows:

Education Core:

MSN 514 Curriculum and Instruction
MSN 515 Evaluation
MSN 516 Educational Technology
MSN 540 Capstone Seminar
MSN 541 Practicum (168 clinical hours)

Students entering the Post-Master’s certificate program in Nursing Education must have prerequisites in advanced pharmacology, advanced pathophysiology and advanced health assessment.

Nursing Administration Core:

MSN 520 Nursing Administration I
MSN 521 Nursing Administration II
MSN 524 Financial Management
MSN 527 Organizational Behavior
MSN 528 Communications and Interpersonal Relations
MSN 540 Capstone Seminar (168 clinical hours)
MSN 541 Practicum
One 3 Credit Elective

Family Nurse Practitioner Core:

MSN 565 Advanced Practice Nursing in Primary Care of Infant, Child and Adolescent (168 clinical hours required)
MSN 566 Advanced Practice Nursing in Primary Care of Reproductive Health (168 clinical hours required)
MSN 567 Advanced Practice Nursing in Primary Care of Adult (168 clinical hours required)
MSN 568 Advanced Practice Nursing in Primary Care of Aging Adult (168 clinical hours required)

Students entering the Post-Master’s FNP certificate program must have prerequisites in advanced pharmacology, advanced physical assessment (with 56 clinical hours), and advanced pathophysiology prior to beginning clinical coursework.

* Acceptance of a prior advanced pharmacology course is evaluated on an individual basis upon entry into the certificate program. If pharmacology coursework is greater than the two year requirement for licensure in the state of West Virginia, the student will be required to repeat the advanced pharmacology course. In addition, each state has similar licensure requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of other state requirements for obtaining prescriptive authority.

Per the WV Board of Nurse Examiners, for prescriptive authority, “Proof of successful completion of at least forty-five (45) contact hours of education in pharmacology and clinical management of drug therapy under a program APPROVED BY THE BOARD, fifteen (15) of which shall be completed within the two (2) year period immediately before the date of application.”