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Copyright Guidelines for Submitting Photocopies to Bishop Hodges Library Reserves
(N.B. Placing books, as opposed to photocopies, on Reserve has few copyright compliance ramifications.) 

All photocopied material submitted for Reserves is accepted provisionally, pending review of compliance with WJU Copyright Policy. Please understand that copyright guidelines for classroom use may not be applicable to the library reserves collection.  The library retains the right to accept or reject submitted photocopies in accordance with its interpretation of the WJU Copyright Policy and U.S. copyright law.  The doctrine of fair use will be applied liberally, according to the “rules of equity” and the spirit of the law.  

Library Copyright Services 

The library staff will assist faculty by seeking copyright permissions for those faculty who desire to utilize library Reserve services but have not yet received permission. Library staff can also assist faculty who desire to seek copyright permission for other purposes. Specific services offered range from providing forms, fax numbers of publishers, searches for copyright holders, estimates of expected costs, determinations as to public domain materials, and general guidance through the process of procuring copyright permission.  Faculty who desire to seek copyright permission on their own are strongly encouraged to do so.  See section “How to Request Intellectual Property Use Permission for an outline of the steps to take.


The costs associated with copyright compliance for the Library Reserves collection will be absorbed by the library. Direct costs for copyright compliance (royalty fees) not related to Library Reserves cannot be absorbed by the library, e.g. Blackboard applicable royalty fees. Services for copyright compliance are performed as a courtesy—there are no fees for these services. 

To Place an Item on Library Reserve  

Fill out the form Library Reserves Item Form as completely as possible.  Basic bibliographic information is necessary for the Library to obtain copyright permission for you.  If you have a prepared bibliography, you may attach it to the form instead of filling out the entire form.  For items that you have used before and therefore know that copyright permission is required (basically, photocopied materials used more than one semester), please submit early to allow time for the library to obtain copyright permission.  

To Place a Student Paper on Library Reserve 

Use the Student Permission / Library Reserves Authorization Form. 
Submit the form, signed by the student, with the paper to be put on Reserve. (Fulfills FERPA Rules & Regulations).      

How to Request Intellectual Property Use Permission for Classroom Use and Other Purposes, Including Blackboard  

1.     Determine whether or not permission is needed: by consulting the WJU Copyright Policy, by examining the material for copyright notice, by reviewing your own prior use of the materials under Fair Use guidelines.  Library staff can assist you in determining whether or not you need to seek permission if you are unsure.

2.     Take the following appropriate next step, depending on the format of the original material

a.     For print books, generally a signed  Request For Rights and Permissions form faxed to the publisher’s Intellectual Property Office, will result in a quick response from the publisher.  The following link lists most publishers’ directory information, wherein you may find the fax number.  Use the generic form—the one without “Bishop Hodges Library” on it, for all purposes not related to Library Reserves.  You may discover that in many instances the price of the book is less than the cost of the royalty fee. Ask the Library to provide you with book pricing information, or check Amazon or Books In Print, in order to make your determination.

b.     For print journal articles used more than one semester, it is recommended that you utilize the applicable Copyright Clearance Center services (Higher Education APS /Academics Permission Services). Alternatively, you may fax the journal publisher or the author and request permission directly.  Use the generic form Request For Rights and Permissions.”

c.      For digitized information, that you download and make a printed copy of, consult the WJU Copyright Policy, sections “Photocopying” “Fair Use” and “Multiple Copies for Classroom Use.”  Generally, a one-time use of these materials, if the Brevity and Spontaneity guidelines are adhered to, is permissible.  Read carefully any information on any website that specifies intellectual property rights and prohibitions.  For digitized information that you want to use digitally, outside the classroom and more importantly, more than one semester, ask professional library staff or ITS for the specific applicable guidelines, or seek permission from the intellectual property rights holder. You may freely upload in Blackboard links to digitized articles from WJU Library fulltext subscription databases [just copy and paste the durable URL].

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