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Library Off-Campus Basics
Off-Campus Access to Electronic Resources
Wheeling Jesuit University – Bishop Hodges Library provides off campus access to electronic resources for students and employees of the university.

Go to www.wju.edu/library

Click on left side bar "Journals and Electronic Resources"

Click on the "Off-campus Database Access"

Scroll to your database, click, then login at the prompt (you are logging into the library’s proxy server which is authenticating you as a valid user)

Login Username: First name space Last name Example: Joanne Smith

          Password: wj (lowercase) + 7 digit number on the front of your Cardinal Card.  Example: wj1231234


      Even if you do not have a cardinal card, you do have a seven digit number assigned to you. Contact your Program Director or the library to obtain your seven digit ID number.

      It is recommended that you use Internet Explorer (IE) Version 6

      Your off-campus machine should be set-up to say yes to cookies.

        IE – version 6


         Move the slider button until it says “Accept All Cookies”

      If you have anti-virus software loaded on your home computer, you may have what is called a “personal firewall”. This firewall could prevent you from logging into the proxy server. If you attempt to login and are unable, try turning off your virus software.

      If you are attempting to access the databases from your work computer, be advised that most companies have some type of virus software or firewalls that may prevent you from logging into the proxy server. You would need to talk to your employer’s IT staff.

      Make sure that javascript is turned on.

        IE – version 6

         Select Tools -> Internet Options -> Security Tab

         Click on the Custom Level Button

         Scroll down to “Scripting”

         Select the “Enable” circle for “Active Scripting”, “Allow paste operations via script”, and “Scripting of Java applets”

         Click the “OK” button for Security Settings

         Click the “OK” button for Internet Options

      Make sure that you have your computer set up to clear what is called “cache”.

        IE – version 6

         Select Tools -> Internet Options -> General Tab

         Under History Section -> Set “Days to keep pages in history” to “0”

         Click the “Clear History” button

         Click the “OK” button

      Make sure that you turn off all pop up blockers.

        IE – version 6

         Select Tools -> Pop-up Blocker

         Click “Turn Off Pop-up Blocker”


         Select Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy Tab

         Under Pop-up Blocker – make sure the small box next to Block pop-ups is not checked.

         Click “OK”

      If you have problems logging in, make sure that you first check the above and that you are accessing via the proper link – Off-campus Database Access www.wju.edu/library/journalsanddatabases/offcampusdb.asp

      If you are receiving an error message, please copy the error message and email the WJU library at library@wju.edu.

      If you need assistance, you may also call the library at (304) 243-2226 or (800) 624-6992 ext. 2226.

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