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Campus Information

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Attending the university is more than just going to classes and reading books to attain a college degree. While both of these activities are critical to a student's success in college and the educational mission of the university is primary, life outside the classroom is a vital part of each student's growth and development.

This section of the Student Handbook details facilities and services available to students to aid students in their academic endeavors as well as their personal growth and development during their tenure on campus. All students - commuters, residential, and adults - are strongly encouraged to be active members of the university community.

No single section is an exhaustive source of information. All sections of this handbook should be reviewed, particularly the sections on University Policies and Student Code of Conduct.

1.0 Facilities & Services

The university often uses abbreviations for rooms and locations. The following lists of abbreviations for campus buildings and locations on campus:

Academic Resource Center (Ignatius Hall) ARC
Acker Science Center (Classrooms, Faculty Offices, Academic Administration, Registrar's Office, Service for Social Action Center, Appalachian Institute, Director for Undergraduate Student Success) ASC
Alma Grace McDonough Center (Athletics, Business Office, Physical Plant) MCD
Benedum Room (Dining Room) B-room
Campion Hall (upperclass and first-year co-ed residence hall)CAM
Campus Shop (Swint Hall) CS
Cardinal Commons (graduate and adult apartments)
Center for Educational Technology (President's Office, Challenger Center, University Relations, Advancement, Alumni Office, Mt. DeChantal Conservatory of Music, Classrooms, Faculty Offices, Disability Services) CET
Chapel of Mary and Joseph (Campus Ministry) CH
Donahue Hall (Classrooms, Faculty Offices, Academic Administration) DON
Ignatius Hall (upperclass co-ed residence hall, , ARC, English Language Institute, classrooms, student publications office) IGN
Kirby Hall (upperclass female residence hall) KIR
McHugh Hall (first-year co-ed residence hall) MCH
National Technology Transfer Center (Student Accounts, Financial Aid, Admissions, faculty offices) NTTC
Sara Tracy (first-year co-ed residence hall) ST
Steenrod Apartments (undergraduate apartments)
Swint Hall (Dean of Student Development, Residence Life, Student Activities & Event Planning, Safety & Security, Health Center, Performing Arts, Student Government, RATT, Benedum Room, Bookstore, Library, Coffeeshop)
Thomas More Hall (upperclass co-ed residence hall) TM
Whelan Hall (Counseling, Jesuit Community, Human Resources) WHE
ACADEMIC RESOURCE CENTER (ARC): Located on the ground floor of Ignatius Hall, the ARC provides academic assistance including subject tutoring and strategies for strengthening writing and study skills.

ALMA GRACE MCDONOUGH CENTER: The McDonough Center houses the Athletic Department, Swimming Pool, Racquetball Courts, Fitness Center, Performance Gym/Indoor Track, the Physical Plant department, and the Business Department.

BENEDUM ROOM: Meals are served in the Benedum Room within Swint Hall. Resident students on the board plan present their Cardinal Card to receive scheduled meals. Commuters not on a meal plan, along with employees, may have meals in the “B-Room” at costs; there is a specific charge for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Commuters and employees may also use their Cardinal Cards to eat via “munch money” or being on an employee or commuter meal plan. While meals are served throughout the day and are all you can eat, food may not be taken out of the Benedum Room unless in food service approved “take-out” containers in accordance with an official take-out program.

CAMPUS SHOP (Bookstore): Campus Shop, first floor of Swint Hall, sells textbooks required for courses and other academic materials, clothing, posters, snacks. Campus Shop hours during the academic year: Monday-Thursday: 9 AM to 5 PM; Friday: 9 AM to 4 PM. Special hours at the beginning of each semester and during special event weekends will be announced prior to those times.

CARDINAL CARD: This Wheeling Jesuit University identification card, given to all employees and students, provides access to several campus buildings, the Library, the Benedum Room (for those on a board meal plan), and (when “munch money” is placed on the card”) can be used as a debit card for purchases in the Coffeeshop, and the Benedum Room. To place “munch money on your Cardinal Card (for use as a debit card), contact the Business Office on the first floor of McDonough Center. Cardinal Cards are available during regular business hours in the Office of Residence Life, Swint 201. All new students and employees receive a Cardinal Card free of charge; a replacement fee of $12 applies to subsequent cards.

Cardinal Cards are the property of Wheeling Jesuit University and are non-transferable; students who allow someone else to use their Cardinal Card will result in Student Conduct action. Students are expected to carry their Cardinal Cards with them at all times and are required to produce Cardinal Cards upon the request of any duly authorized person (University administrators, residence hall staff, faculty, or Safety and Security officers). A student who leaves the University during the course of an academic year should turn in his/her Cardinal Card to the Office of Residence Life as a part of the withdrawal process. Falsification of Cardinal Cards and/or using another person's Cardinal Card will result in student conduct action.

CHAPEL SERVICES: The Chapel, the Campus Ministry Office, and a large meeting room are located in the Chapel of Mary and Joseph, across from Swint Hall. Sunday masses are held at 11 AM, 6:00 PM, and 9 PM, and weekdays at Noon during the academic year. When the University closed for scheduled breaks mass times may change and/or offerings will be cancelled.

EMAIL: Upon enrollment to the University, each student is assigned a Wheeling Jesuit University email address; students are expected to check their University email account at least weekly during their enrollment. Use of email is a primary means of communication between the University and student. Failure of the student to respond in a timely manner to official University email communications may be interpreted as a students' failure to comply with University processes and requests.

FACILITY RESERVATIONS: Recognized student organizations can reserve available campus facilities by filling out the on-line reservation form. Meetings/activities must be for University functions. The student organization is responsible for all guests/visitors and must ensure compliance with University policy.

FIRE REGULATIONS: Wheeling Jesuit University takes seriously its commitment to prevent fires and the misuse or abuse of fire protection equipment. Students need to be familiar with buildings on campus and the most convenient exits from them in case of fire. If an alarm sounds, the following should be observed:
  1. Leave the building immediately; do not use an elevator; if exit is blocked by fire or smoke, use an alternate exit.
  2. If smoke is in the path of an exit, get as low as possible and crawl to the exit.
  3. After exiting the building, get well away from the building and follow instructions of University or fire department officials.
  4. Do not re-enter the building unless permitted to do so by authorized fire or University officials.
See the Residence Hall Policies section of this handbook for specific hall information in regard to Fire Regulations. Tampering with fire equipment is illegal. Violations will result in severe sanctions, including fines, suspension, dismissal, and/or prosecution.

FITNESS CENTER: The Fitness Center in the McDonough Center offers students and employees nautilus and free weights, during posted hours. An active Cardinal Card is required to gain entry into the Fitness Center. To best serve students and employees, the Fitness Center is not open to university visitors and alumni. The Fitness Center is overseen by the Athletic Department.

GUESTS: Students are responsible for their guests/visitors, must ensure compliance with all University policies by their guests/visitors and can be held accountable for the behavior of their guests/visitors. This includes current students serving as overnight campus hosts for prospective visiting students.

KEYS: Keys to all University facilities are the property of Wheeling Jesuit University. Keys are the sole responsibility of the student and should not be given to anyone else under any circumstances, and should not be reproduced. Report lost room keys immediately to the Office of Residence Life so that the lock can be changed to ensure student safety; a lost key will result in a charge for key replacement, changing the core, and changing the cylinder for the lock(s)

LIABILITY: Wheeling Jesuit University has taken reasonable precautions to safeguard the private property of students on campus. The University assumes no liability, however, for private property lost, damaged, or stolen on the campus or at any event sponsored by the University. Students are strongly advised to ensure their personal belongings are appropriately secured at all times; this includes taking responsibility for locking their residence hall rooms.

LOST AND FOUND: Check the Office of Safety and Security, lower level of Swint Hall. Items will be tagged and kept for three months, then disposed of or donated.

MAILROOM/MAIL: Every full-time residential student is assigned a campus mailbox in the Mailroom, lower level, Swint Hall. Full-time commuter students may request a mailbox by visiting the mailroom.

SECURITY ESCORT SERVICE: Any student who would like to have a security escort across campus, at any time, may contact the Office of Safety and Security, X-2486. A Security Officer or Student Security Assistant will escort students.

TROY THEATER: The Theater, in Swint Hall, is used for student productions, academic symposia, concerts, debates, dance performances, and conference event programs.

2.0 Student Development Offices

Wheeling Jesuit University's. Division of Student Development works closely with colleagues across campus to support students in their common educational experience outside of the classroom; please do not hesitate to call on us for assistance. Office hours are generally 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Contact specific offices for appointments outside normal office hours. Led by the Chief Student Development Officer, the Dean of Student Development.

Dean of Student Development
Swint Hall 209, 243-2350
The dean oversees all operations within the division, is the chief student development officer and the senior administration within the division. The dean is also the primary contact for non-academic student conduct and behavioral concerns; the dean may work closely with the Chief Academic Officer or his/her designee to respond to student concerns in regard to violations of academic honesty or student conduct inside of the classroom. The dean works closely with the Student Government Association to respond to ever-changing student and campus life needs and concerns. Appointments can be scheduled with the Dean by through his/her assistant at 243-2350.

Health Center
Swint Hall 208, 243-2275
The Health Center provides basic ambulatory primary health services to students. A part-time registered nurse and a part-time secretary staff this office. Students are referred to the Family Medicine Center at Wheeling Hospital when their medical needs require off-campus assistance and/or when the nurse is not available. Students pay a health service fee to cover their unlimited use of the Health Center.

Instrumental Music & University Bands
CET 206 Office Suite, Mt. DeChantal Conservatory of Music (CET Ground)
The University hosts two instrumental music opportunities for student musicians (outside of Chapel Music Ministry organized through Campus Ministry). Brass, woodwind, string and percussion musicians are invited to participate in the Symphonic Band, which includes a modest student scholarship in exchange for a few hours of weekly rehearsal and several performances each year. Brass, woodwind and percussion players can also cheer on our volleyball and men's and women's basketball teams with participation in the Pep Band. The Pep Band also carries a modest scholarship in exchange for playing at about 15 events per semester. Interest in either band should be conveyed directly with Dr. James Gourlay, Director at jgourlay@wju.edu.

Performing Arts
SW 1st Floor, Troy Theater, Backstage, 243-2095
The Performing Arts Series is a proud tradition at Wheeling Jesuit University. A joint endeavor of the extracurricular and the academic University, the series produces plays, musicals, and concerts for the university and local community throughout the academic year. Interest in the University's theater program should be directed to Mr. Dave Henderson at daveh@wju.edu.

Residence Life
SW201, 243-2257
Residence Life provide a community-oriented environment encouraging and supporting the development of social, intellectual, interpersonal, and personal skills within the university's undergraduate residence halls and graduate/adult student apartment housing. The department selects, trains, and supervises all residence hall staff, oversees all aspects of residence hall life, and works with students to create a vibrant and responsible residential community on campus. This office is also the first to respond to residential student conduct and behavioral concerns and helps maintain campus-wide student conduct records.

Student Activities & Event Planning
SW201, 243-2361
Student Activities is charged with creating a vibrant student leadership and activity environment on campus by providing numerous social, cultural, recreational, and educational activities including film, comedy, live music, dances, trips, and major concerts. The Director of Student Activities works closely with a Coordinator and the Campus Activities Board, oversees the Rathskeller pub and /mini-mart, campus-wide facility reservations systems, the Swint lounges and game room, the online activities calendar, the commuter student organization, and new student programs including orientation. Student Activities also works closely with the Student Government Association to oversee the annual Homecoming Weekend, and the allocation and usage of the Student Activity fee funds.

Vocal Music & Chamber Singers
CET 206 Office Suite, Mt. DeChantal Conservatory of Music (CET Ground)
The University hosts a Chamber Singers choir opportunity for student vocalists (outside of Chapel Music Ministry organized through Campus Ministry). Participate in the Chamber Singers includes a modest student scholarship in exchange for a few hours of weekly rehearsal, several performances each year including performance in the spring musical. Interest in either vocal music should be conveyed directly with Mr. Robert Troeger, Director of Chamber Singers at rtroeger@wju.edu.

3.0 Other Student Services Offices

MCD, 243-2365
Wheeling Jesuit's Athletics department encourages personal and group physical fitness, and is responsible for all inter-collegiate competitions, club sport programs, the McDonough Center, and Fitness Center. For more information about specific athletic teams visit the Cardinal Athletics Website.

Bishop Hodges Library
Swint Hall, 243-2226
The Bishop Hodges Library posts regular hours during the fall and spring semesters:

Monday - Thursday 8:30 AM - 12:00 Midnight
Friday 8:30 AM - 4:45 PM
Saturday 12:00 Midnight - 5:00 PM
Sunday 12:30 PM - 12:00 Midnight
Hours during breaks, final exams week, and summer sessions vary and will be posted outside the Library.

International Student Services
Swint Hall 204, 243-4476
The Director of International Student Services works with all international students on campus to provide a positive campus life experience. Groups of international students vary and include English Language Institute students (entering the University with different levels of English abilities), undergraduate students and graduate students. ISS also plans cross-campus programs to help bridge the native cultures of all students and employees and globalize the campus experience.

Acker 203, 243-2238
The Registrar maintains all student academic records, and registers all students for courses, add/drop courses.

Safety and Security
Swint 209 & Swint Annex , 243-2486 or x2911 (on campus)
Safety and Security serves as a resource for campus safety, handles all parking and traffic regulations, and assists students with personal safety issues. Security maintains a 24-hour presence on campus, enforces all university regulations, and maintains a close and cooperative relationship with the local police. The Director maintains records of campus incidents and crimes that occur on campus as required by the Clery Act.

Campus Ministry
Lower Level, Chapel of Mary and Joseph, 243-2385
Wheeling Jesuit Campus Ministry, located on the lower level of the Chapel of Mary and Joseph, offers prayer and reconciliation, celebration of the sacraments, worship, retreats, spiritual direction, and service. Through word and sacrament, prayer and service, reflection and action, we enter the Ignatian way of life, making our love of God in Christ active in our world. Campus Minsitry staff also serve as active participants in students' understanding of our common Jesuit values and their faith development; ministry staff actively program events to engage students in their spiritual exploration during their college years.

Counseling Center
1st Floor Whelan Hall, 243-2081
Students have access to a licensed professional counselor for evaluation and treatment throughout their time of study. Counseling promotes students' growth and development through confidential counseling, educational programming, and referral to local agencies and services. Students may walk-in or schedule appointments by calling the office. Students pay a health service fee to cover their unlimited use of the Counseling Center.

Financial Aid
NTTC 2nd Floor, 243-2304
Financial Aid provides information and assistance to students and parents meeting their financial obligations with the university; coordinates all aid programs; coordinates on-campus student employment, and helps students and their families plan for educational expenses.

International Student Center/English Language Institute
IGN G13, 243-2412
The International Student Center assists International students attending the university; coordinates activities promoting interaction among international students and the Wheeling community; and handles all immigration matters for those students and the university.

The English Language Institute is a language school for students from non-English speaking nations who want to learn English. ELI students take classes offered through the ELI program throughout the year and live in campus housing with WJU students while studying on campus.

Office of Adult and Continuing Education
NTTC 2nd Floor, 243-2250
The Office of Adult and Continuing Education supports adult students as they pursue their bachelor's degree including: Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration (BSBA) with an emphasis in Accounting; Bachelor of Liberal Arts (BLA); Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership and Development (BOLD); Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN/MSN) (offered online); and Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Leadership (BSHL) (offered online). Each major typically includes the core curriculum of the University, in all areas of the liberal arts: English, Mathematics, History, Religion, Philosophy, Psychology, and Social Science.

GRADUATE OFFICE: For information about admission to Graduate Programs, current student files, and semester registration materials for most graduate programs, contact the Graduate Office secretary at 304-243-2344.
Hours: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM Monday - Friday
Service for Social Action Center
ASC 1st Floor, 243-8728 or 243-4361
The Service for Social Action Center (SSAC) coordinates service and course-based service-learning activities for members of our campus community. Students have the opportunity to truly understand and become "men and women for others" through the partnerships of our student clubs, service programs, and academic courses with organizations in Wheeling, Appalachia, and across the country. Throughout the year, the SSAC identifies service projects, tracks participation, and provides support with spiritual reflection and skill development. The SSAC provides these for students, clubs, residence halls, sport teams and programs including the Arrupe Scholars, and First Year Experience. The SSAC also offers assistance for faculty who want to incorporate a service-learning component in their courses, applying the skills and theories learned in the classroom to "real world" projects.

Student Accounts
NTTC 2nd Floor, 243-2222
Students make payments on accounts and address questions about billing and charges.

Student Government Association (SGA)
SW106, 243-2443
Student Government is an opportunity for students to get involved in the governance of the university. Members of the executive committee meet weekly with administration to discuss student concerns and propose changes to better meet students' needs.

4.0 Residence Hall Information

Residence hall living provide opportunities for student personal growth and development. The Residence Life Staff works to create an environment encouraging academic excellence, social competence, independence, and a sense of community life. Live-in professional Area Coordinator and para-professional student mentors, Resident Assistants, provide programming, guidance, and support for campus residents.

The following people are available to assist students in the residence halls:

Director of Residence Life: The Director of Residence Life coordinates and supervises of all residence halls, staff members, and Residence Life processes including room assignments, residence hall programming, facility management, and residential student conduct.

Area Coordinator (ACs): Each Area Coordinator is responsible for the coordination, supervision, and implementation of all operations and functions in his/her residence hall/s. There are three ACs on campus and each supervises one of the following areas: 1) Sara Tracy & Kirby (coed first-year and upperclass female housing) 2) Campion and McHugh Halls (first year and upperclass coed housing) 3) Ignatius & Thomas More Halls (upperclass coed housing).

Resident Assistants (RAs): Resident Assistants are upper-class student para-professionals who assist students in their growth and development. The RA serves as a role model, peer mentor, educator, information provider, and supervisor to the residents of his/her building.

5.0 Dining Services Information

Wheeling Jesuit University Dining Services
Parkhurst Foodservice manages the Wheeling Jesuit University Dining Services. The Benedum Room (B-Room), in Swint Hall is the student dining room serving students on meal plans, employees, and visitors. The Coffeeshop has take-out items and operates on the lower level the Swint Annex. Guests can also request a take-out option while eating in the Benedum Room during specified times.

Resident/Commuter Meal Plans and Flex Dollars
All new residential students enrolling after Fall 2011 are required to be signed up for the 225 block University meal plan. This plan offers students up to 225 meals per semester in the dining hall (averaging about 2 meals per day); this plan includes no flex dollars. Unused meals do not carry over between semesters and must be used during the semester of enrollment.

Students enrolling before fall 2011 may select and change their meal plan through Residence Life in Swint Hall. The following meal plan options exist for these students (note: credit Hours determine which meal plans a student may choose from. Each level may choose that meal plan or any other plan with more meals).

225 Block Plan and 100 Flex Dollars (0-60+ Credit Hours)
175 Block Plan and 100 Flex Dollars (27-59 Credit Hours)
125 Block Plan and 100 Flex Dollars (60+ Credit Hours)
100 Block Plan and 200 Flex Dollars (60+ Credit Hours)
The selected meal plan option will automatically carry over from one semester to the next unless the participant requests a change during the first two weeks of each semester. Unused meals do not carry over between semesters and must be used during the semester of enrollment.

Commuter students may choose any meal plan and are encouraged to place money on the Cardinal Card, through the business office, to be used as a declining balance in the dining service or the campus coffeeshop. Munch money will carry over from fall semester to spring semester, but not from one academic year to the next, and will offer a discount for purchases at campus dining facilities. Additional money can be added to all meal plans at any time during the semester. Students and employees receive a discount when using Munch Money in the Broom and coffeeshop.

Residential students whose academic requirements prevent them from eating in the Benedum Room on a regular basis (i.e. health science students doing clinical rotations off-campus) may request to enroll in a lower meal plan. Requests should be submitted to the Office of Residence Life.

Residential students with special dietary needs should contact the Dining Room Manager to discuss their dietary needs; most dietary needs can be accommodated by the foodservice team. It is the students' responsibility to seek accommodations and to cooperate with the foodservice team to seek the best resolution to their needs. Costs associated with the University meal plan will not be refunded due to lack of usage by the student. In rare cases, students with dietary needs stemming from medical necessity may be offered an exemption from mandatory enrollment in a meal plan; such requests will start with the Office of Residence Life and will require endorsement from Health Services and the foodservice provider in order to be approved.

Dining Features
Dining is available throughout the day, 7 days a week, including breakfast, lunch, dinner Monday-Friday (7am – 7pm) and brunch and dinner Saturday-Sunday (11am-1pm, 4:45pm-7pm). Dining Services are overseen by the Dean of Student Development who works closely with our contract foodservice vendor to ensure food services meet campus needs.

Visit the Dining Services website for current operating hours and prices.

The Coffee Shop
The Coffee Shop, located in the Swint Annex, caters to students/staff/faculty on the run. Flex dollars, munch money, cash and credit/debit cards may be used at this dining location. Features include hot and cold sandwiches, salads, vegetables, nachos and hot pretzels, a wide variety of beverages, desserts. When classes are in session, the Coffeeshop is open Monday-Thursdays 7am-midnight, Fridays 7am-10pm, Saturdays 10am-10pm and Sundays 10am-10pm.

The Catering Program
Students can schedule catering for special events. Catering can be provided economically for a casual event or full service catering is available for a formal event. Please call Parkhurst Dining Services to plan an event with catering.

Dining Service Guidelines
  • A valid Cardinal Card is required to enter dining facilities and access campus meal plans. The Office of Residence Life , Swint 201, will replace lost or stolen cards at a nominal fee of $12 per lost card. Guests not on a meal plan can still eat in the B-room at a cash-cost price, using munch money or cash.
  • No food can be removed from the dining facility, unless in an approved “take-out” container and following the “take out” guidelines.
  • All students who live in the residence halls are required to purchase a residential student meal plan. Meal plans are for use by the owner, and may not be sold or given to
  • Guest meal passes are available in the Office of Residence Life, Swint 209, and students are eligible for 5 guest meal passes per semester. Guest meal passes will be deducted from students' overall meal balance. Guest meal passes can be signed out after the first two weeks of each semester.
  • Sick trays are available upon request for students who cannot attend meals.
  • Students must enter and exit the dining facilities through the designated doors; this prevents the unfortunate incidence of theft from occurring by persons entering the dining hall without proper payment for services
  • Clean shoes and appropriate attire are required when in the dining facilities.
Questions, comments, or general correspondence regarding Dining Services should be directed to: Parkhurst Food Service General Manager 243-2320

6.0 Safety & Security Procedures

Safety and Security personnel assist students and visitors to the campus, regulate and enforce traffic and parking regulations, enforce university policies/behavioral expectations, make rounds of the campus, and inspect campus for safety/maintenance concerns. Officers do not have law enforcement authority but do enforce university policies. This office also maintains records for campus crime reporting via the federal Clery Act and reporting of campus crime statistics, which can be found on the university website.

Students and other members of the university community should be familiar with the following Safety and Security procedures:

  1. To reach a security officer call ext. 2486 from an on-campus phone or (304)243-2486 from any other phone.
  2. The Office of Safety and Security is located in the annex of Swint Hall.
  3. For a security escort across campus at any time can contact Safety and Security at extension 2486. A Security officer or Student Security Assistant will escort students to any location on campus.

7.0 Disability Services

CET 208, 304-243-4484

Wheeling Jesuit University is committed to providing accessible facilities and appropriate academic accommodations to students with physical or learning disabilities. This university complies with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the American with Disabilities Act of 1990 providing appropriate academic or physical accommodations for students with documented disabilities.

To receive accommodations under Section 504 and ADA, students with disabilities need to self-identify to the university, provide current and comprehensive documentation (current within three (3) years) concerning the nature and extent of the disability, and communicate their needs to the Wheeling Jesuit University Disability Services Director before they begin their studies on campus. A disclosure from should be completed and returned to the Disability Services Director located at the Academic Resource Center in G24 Ignatius Hall.

Questions about services for students with disabilities should be directed to the Director of the Academic Resource Center at 304-243-4484 or view the Disability Services website.

8.0 Student Leadership Opportunities

As a Jesuit university, students are empowered to take responsibility to help create a vibrant campus community while also using their unique talents and abilities in student leadership opportunities. Formal leadership opportunities through campus recognized clubs and organizations are supervised out of the Student Activities office within the Division of Student Development; formally recognized student clubs are eligible for funding through the Student Activity Fee.

Student Activities/Events: Official co-curricular campus wide activities/events should be approved by the Director of Student Activities or his/her designee. Academic events are to be approved by the Chief Academic Officer. By seeking the proper sources of approval, students will also garner increased university-wide support for campus programming.

WJU Student Activities/Events During Final Exams: Academic or co-curricular student activities should not be held/conducted during the final exam week as specified by the University Academic Calendar. Exceptions may be granted by the Director of Student Activities or his/her designee for co-curricular activities or the Academic Dean for academic events.

Students are encouraged to contact the Director of Student Activities for questions and concerns with formal student leadership opportunities, which include the following:

Student Government: Student Government helps form policy, allocates funds to recognized clubs and organizations, supervisees all student body elections, consults with administrators, and many other tasks pertaining to the welfare of the student body. Students elected by the student body serve as senators and as officers on the Executive Board. Officers on the executive board: Student Government President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Student Advocate, Academic Affairs Representative, Senate Chairperson, and the Student Development Representative. The SGA President meets regularly with the Dean of Student Development and the Academic Affairs Representative meets regularly with the Chief Academic Officer to address student concerns throughout their campus experience.

Student Senate: Includes four elected Senators at large, all class officers, a commuter representative and a representative from the Inter Hall Council. The Student Senate meets as a governing body weekly to address student concerns and hear requests for funding and other venues of support from student clubs and organizations.

Clubs and Organizations: Student Life and Student Government supervise University clubs, organizations and intramural sports.
Adventure Society International Students Club
Appalachian Experience Club Justice and Peace in Our Time (JAPOT)
Athletic Training Club Life Gets Better Together (LGBT)
Mendel Club Campus Activities Board
Philosophy Club Cheerleading Club
Political Science Chemistry Club
Psychology Club Rock Band Club
Circle K International Sense and Nonsense
Commuter Club Spanish Club
Computer Club Student Nurses Association
Criminal Justice Association Students for Life
French Club Teaching Club
Health Sciences Club Theater Guild
History Club Tom's Shoes Club
Hockey Club

Other Students Leadership Positions:
Campus Activities Board
Class Officers
Luceats (first-year student orientation mentors)
Peer Teaching Assistants (First-Year Seminar mentors)
Resident Assistants (para-professional residence hall mentors)
Student Government Executive Board
Student Senate

Cardinal Connection (student newspaper)
Jewelweed (literary journal)
World Wise (international perspective newsletter)

Intramural Sports (varies by student interests but may include):
Intramural Commissioners
Basketball - Men's/Women's
Football - Men's/Women's
Bowling - Co-ed
Indoor Soccer - Co-ed
Softball - Men's/Women's
Volleyball - Co-ed

Students who are interested in joining any of these organizations should watch for information at the start of each year for meetings and registrations. Each fall a Student Organizations Fair is held to get students acquainted with the various opportunities on the campus. Students are highly encouraged to develop new clubs and organizations; questions regarding student clubs and organizations should be addressed to the Office of Student Activities at 304-243-2361.

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