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Athletic Training Club Contact Person: Dave Dennis
The purpose of the orgainization is to provide a source of camaraderie between students who express interest in the profession of Athletic Training Service Projects, fund-raising, mentorship, and educational sessions will be the focus of the group. Activities will focus on the perception and promotion of Athletic Training.
Adventure Society

Contact Person: Richard Cain

The Adventure Society provides a broad forum of activities to outdoor enthusiasts. While the society initially began as a small group of rock climbers, it has developed into a larger network of law students with expanding interests in climbing, hiking, skiing, and whitewater rafting at the top of the list. Enthusiasm, not experience, is a requirement.
Appalachian Experience Club

Contact Person: Fr. Jim O'Brien

The A.E.C. provides the Wheeling Jesuit University community an opportunity to enter more fully into the Appalachian culture, with periodic work experiences in southern West Virginia. These trips to southern West Virginia are usually over Fall, Spring, and Easter breaks. The club emphasizes the values of community, simple lifestyle, and the call for justice in a region often referred to as a domestic Third World. The Club's philosophy is in keeping with the ideals of service and concern for others, which characterize the educational philosophy of Wheeling Jesuit University.

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

Contact Person: Robert Kulpa   
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The CAB promotes friendship and interaction among students, faculty and staff, through events such as dances, concerts, entertainers, parties and recreational activities. Members are rewarded for their hard work with the opportunity to participate in a number of retreats, conventions and leadership activities. CAB membership is open to all students who want to be in the middle of the action.
Cheerleading Club Contact Person: 
The cheerleading club returned during the 2010-2011 season after a two-year disappearance. It was reintroduced primarily to increase school spirit and community involvement on campus. Our club is comprised of women ranging from no experience to life-long experience, but everyone involved is equally enthusiastic and spirited. We are hopeful that our energy will increase attendance levels at the men and women's basketball games. Although we are not officially recognized by the NCAA, we plan on competing at the collegiate level next year. Also, because we are a club sport, we participate in service projects and fundraisers. This allows us to spread the word about WJU cheerleading and become more involved within our community. Check out the Cheering Club Website for more information.
Chemistry Club Contact Person: Dr. Mary Railing
The Chemistry Club promotes active participation in major related and service oriented experiences on campus and within the Wheeling community. They frequently partner with the Mendel club to plan events around campus and at the University's Lantz Farm.
Circle K International Contact Person: Dr. Christine Ohl-Gigliotti
With a membership of over 10,000 college and university students in nine nations, Circle K International is the world's largest organization of college and university students dedicated to campus and community service. CKI also provides opportunities for making friends and having fun, developing leadership skills, and making career-building contacts. As a sponsored program of Kiwanis International, Circle K International shares the focus of serving the children of the world.
Commuter Club Contact Person: Robert Kulpa
The Commuter Club strives to make commuter students feel more connected to Wheeling Jesuit. We are the voice of the students who travel to campus every day! The Commuter Club promotes student involvement, addresses the needs and concerns of commuter students, enhances the out-of-class experience for commuter students, promotes student leadership, and yes...to help you figure out where to park on campus. We hold regular meetings, co-sponsor events with other clubs and organizations, identify programs and services that may be of interest to you, and try to make your experience at Wheeling Jesuit both productive and rewarding.
Computer Club Contact Person: Pat Plunkett
The Computer Club or better know as C^2, was formed as a way for those with an interest in computers to get together. They offer with computer to those who need it and are engaged in service projects throughout the community. They also hold annual LAN parties and occasionally bring in speakers to their biweekly meetings.
Criminal Justice Club Contact Person:  Dr. Larry Driscoll
This Organization is open to any WJU student with an interest in criminal behavior, judicial process, law enforcement, or corrections. The group is mentoring at-risk youth from the local community, as well as professional development. The CJC also participates in academic conferences.
French Club Contact Person: Dr. Dom DeFilippis
This club promotes the language and cultures of the Francophone world. The club has a series of socials, a Christmas Party, and many other activities throughout the year. They are also actively involved in aiding the impoverished people of the French speaking country of Haiti. They also have a game night, a Mardi Gras, and takes trips abroad.
Health Sciences Club Contact Person: Debbie Wilkinson
The overall purpose of the club is to advance the club members' academic interests in the field of healthcare. This purpose will be achieved through the following: 1) Volunteer efforts in the healthcare setting aimed at helping those who are undeserved on a local, national, and global scale; to actively support the university's mission of providing service to others. 2) Provide opportunities for members to gain insight on a variety of healthcare related issues through the use of workshops, panels, guest speakers, etc.
History Club Contact Person: Dr. Dan Weimer
This Club gives all those who have an interest in history to take part in studies of history and to take trips to historical places. In the past, they have visited Harper's Ferry and Gettysburg National Parks and many local sites.
Hockey Club Contact Person: Debbie Wilkinson
The Wheeling Jesuit Hockey Club has pick up ice time open to all universities in the area and members of the community. They have also entered the South Pointe Hockey Division B League out of Cannonsburg, PA. The club is open to all who are interested in playing hockey, or any who are interested in playing a role behind the scenes. Contact Us for more information.
International Student Club Contact Person: Eileen Viglietta
This Club is a very active club made up of international students as well as American. They are involved in services projects such as the Disc Dance. They also tutor children in after-school programs and have an annual culture fest. They meet twice a month and have two retreats each year. They also publish a paper six times a year.
JAPOT (Justice and Peace of Our Times) Contact Person: Fr. Jim O'Brien, SJ
JAPOT is a group dedicated to raising awareness of social injustice and to fighting injustice through concrete systemic change on local and global levels. Issues JAPOT has worked on in the past have included anti-war activities, conscientious objection education, sweatshops and workers' rights, the Middle East conflict, fair trade coffee, and the School of the Americas. JAPOT was instrumental in working with WJU administration concerning the choice of our food service provider.
Mendel Club Contact Person: Dr. Ben Stout
The Mendel Club is a student-run club.  Although sponsored by the Biology Department, the club is open to students from any academic program within Wheeling Jesuit University who are interested in topics relating to biology.  The Mendel club strives to hold regular meetings.
Political Science Club Contact Person:  Dr. John Poffenbarger
The Political Science Club was established to provide extracurricular opportunities in politics for students, and to increase interest and activism in politics among the student body. The Club also provides leadership opportunities for those interested in becoming Club officers. The Club welcomes students from all majors. While the majority of Club members are political science majors or minors, the Club also attracts students from other majors such as Communications, History, and Environmental Science.
Psychology Club Contact Person: Dr. Bryan Raudenbush
The Psychology Club promotes interest in psychology, informs others of the science of psychology, provides service to the local community, and helps students network among themselves and in the community.
Sense and Nonsense Contact Person: Dr. Beverly Whelton
Sense & Nonsense is a social group oriented toward developing the speaking and debating skills of Wheeling Jesuit's Students while providing them a venue to share ideas with professors and one another. The group is a perfect fit for anyone interested in going into law and graduate schools, but students from every discipline with every plan - especially those with interests in philosophy - will find a good home at Sense & Nonsense. This is because the club's leaders and members are fun, open-minded people who are interested in a multitude of subjects, and they're happy to learn about new things. If you have half a mind, you'll have a great time at Sense & Nonsense, so come and join in.
Spanish Club Contact Person: Denise Radaker
The Spanish Club seeks to provide cultural awareness and appreciation on campus through a wide variety of social and academic activities. Some of their past activities have included: dance lessons, coffee hours, invited speakers and cooking demonstrations.
Students for Life Contact Person: Jamey Brogan
The LIFE Club encourages Wheeling Jesuit University students, faculty, and administrators to become involved in protecting and respecting the sanctity of life. We work to recognize and share the intrinsic value of life, which comes from being created in the image and likeness of God. This goal maintains the ideals of Christian belief, concern for others, and the protection of all human life. The organization promotes Right to Life March, educational presentations, conventions, and social events related to respecting human life.
Student Nurses Association Contact Person: Barbara Kulpa
The SNA fosters the growth of nursing students in their personal and professional lives. Involvement in the local chapter may include community service activities, student recruitment, legislative activities, conventions, educational programs, and professional publications. This club is open to all nursing students.
Teaching Club Contact Person: John Yelenic
The Teaching Club is designed to support the professional choice and career of our pre-service teachers. The club focuses on academic service and social gatherings for members as well as all WJU students and the local community. Each fall the Teaching Club sponsors a meet your major night to allow undecided students an opportunity to learn about a becoming a teacher or many other professions. Each spring, the club sponsors a community wide Autism Walk to raise money for both autism awareness and the Augusta Levy Learning Center, the first intensive autism treatment program in the Ohio Valley.
Tom's Shoes Club Contact Person: Valerie Grimes
Tom's Shoes Club to arise the student/faculty interest in the One-for-One Movement. The club will find itself amplifying the message of conscious consumerism, helping children in need, and being heard through their choices.
Theatre Guild Contact Person:  Dave Henderson
The Theatre Guild is responsible for everything that goes on behind the scenes for a show at WJU. They take care of the tickets, lighting, set building, sound and many other little things, but this does not prevent a member from being in a show.

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