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What Should I Bring To Campus?

Wondering what to bring to campus?  We compiled a short list of items that will be helpful for you to have when making Wheeling Jesuit your home away from home.  This of course is not all inclusive.  If you have questions about specific items, you can also refer to the Student Handbook.  If you can't find the answer there, please call us at (304) 243-2257.




        Stereo (with headphones)


        Power strip/ surge protector

        Reading light

        Alarm clock

        Discs, pens, scissors, tape, etc.

        Sports equipment

        Laundry bag (or basket)

        Laundry soap

        Safety pins, needles and thread

        Eating utensils, plate, bowl, cup

        Bedding, sheets, pillows, blankets

        Iron and small ironing board

        Bath towels, soaps, robe, etc.

        Hair products, hair dryer

        First aid kit, bandages, aspirin

        Personal hygiene items

        Shower shoes


        All purpose cleaner

        Small toolbox



        Can Opener

        Carpet or Scatter Rugs

        Clothes Drying Rack

        Coat Hangers

        Desk Lamp (any non-halogen) 

        Fan (even if you are assigned to a residence hall with AC)

        Flashlight (with extra batteries) 



        Postage Stamps 

        Refrigerator (under 4 cubic feet) 

        Storage Boxes

        Telephone with answering machine (cordless phones are popular)


Perhaps more importantly, here are a few things that you MUST LEAVE AT HOME!


        Full-size refrigerator

        Any appliance with exposed heating coil (Toasters, Toaster Ovens, etc)

        Candles or incense

        Halogen lamps (i.e. floor lamps)

        Alcohol and Drugs

        Air Conditioners

        Burners or Hot Plates (including George Foreman Grills)

        Double-sided foam tape or Duct Tape

        Electric Heaters

        Fireworks, explosives, unsafe chemicals




Here are a few things that we recommend you leave at home:

        Expensive clothing and jewelry

        Off-season clothes

        Large pieces of luggage

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