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Time Off Work: Worker's Compensation/Accident Reporting

Date approved:
July 2011
Approved by:
Date to be reviewed:
April 2013
Reviewed by:
Director of Human Resources
Date revised:
Sept. 2013
Revision number:
Compliance Committee:
As Scheduled


Wheeling Jesuit University is concerned about the safety of its employees and wants to ensure that employees know their rights under the law.


2.1 Policy Statement

Injuries that are work-related will be processed expeditiously under the West Virginia Workers Compensation guidelines to ensure that University employees do not lose pay for work-related injuries.

2.2 Procedures
Whenever an injury occurs on the job the following must be done:
  1. The employee must immediately report (at the time of the injury but no later than the end of the shift on which the injury occurred) to his / her supervisor (or Campus Security if the supervisor is unavailable or the injury occurred on an off-shift) that he / she suffered a work-related injury. A University Accident Report must be completed by the employee, the employee's immediate supervisor, and Campus Security. The procedure for completing the accident form is currently located on the Human Resource website, under "Procedures".
  2. The alleged injury must be reported to Human Resources who will, in turn, notify the Managed Health Care Plan.
  3. In the case of a medical emergency, the employee is to be taken directly to a primary medical care facility [Wheeling Hospital is the closest]; the employee must inform the hospital that he / she is a University employee and that our workers compensation is managed by a Plan (see 2.3). They will provide the employee with the form WC-1 Employee & Physician's Report of Occupational Injury and they can contact the Human Resource Office at 304/243-8152 for information.
  4. When the injury is less serious, the Human Resource Department will provide the employee with the form WC-1 Employee & Physician's Report of Occupational Injury and direct him / her to a managed health care provider.
  5. The accident causing the injury will be investigated by University administrative personnel responsible for the department in which the accident occurs, the University Safety Committee and Human Resources. The purpose of the investigation is to both determine and eliminate cause of the accident and to verify whether or not the injury reported occurred on University property during the employees scheduled hours of work.
  6. The Human Resource Department, the Medical Case Manager or the Claim Adjuster will coordinate with the treating provider to determine the employee's continued treatment.
  7. Payment for time off work will be at the discretion of the West Virginia Compensation Board. If the University has cause to doubt the validity of the employee's claim, it will notify the insurance carrier of its findings; based upon the information provided, the Insurance Carrier may contest the employee's claim. 
  8. For time off work for a valid work-related injury, the injured employee will receive a check from the West Virginia Workers' Compensation Board in lieu of a payroll check from the University.
  9. The employee will be returned to the University payroll effective the first day back to work. Depending upon the severity of the injury, and the physical / ergonomic requirements noted in the employee's job description, the employee may be returned to work on a transitional work basis until such time as he / she is released to full duty. Such transitional work will be at the University's discretion and on a case by case basis.

2.3 Workers Compensation Insurance Carrier

The current insurance carrier for the University is: The Travelers Insurance Company. This information is displayed as required in the Human Resource Department, in the Facilities Department, in the Business office, and in conspicuous places throughout the University.

2.4 Additional Information

  1. Employees must be aware that there will be a delay between the date of injury and payment by the West Virginia Workers Compensation Board.
  2. Allegations and claims of work-related injuries will be investigated.
  3. Employees on workers compensation for injuries or illnesses that are also covered by and qualify as FMLA leave will begin to expend FMLA leave concurrent with the first day of workers compensation leave and this portion of the workers compensation leave will be governed by the guidelines of the FMLA policy (benefits, holiday pay, accrual of paid time off, etc).
  4. Once the FMLA portion of the workers compensation leave is exhausted, no additional holidays will be paid; however, employees will continue to accrue paid time off for the balance of the first six (6) months that an employee is on workers compensation leave which will be awarded to the employee upon his / her return to work. No additional paid time off will accrue after six (6) months. Eligibility for and the continuation of health, dental and vision insurance benefits will be governed by the COBRA policy. Employee contributions for these benefit plans must be paid to the University by the employee or the benefits will be discontinued.
  5. Eligibility for and continuation of life insurance and disability insurance benefits for employees absent from work due to an injury covered by workers compensation will be determined in accordance with the applicable benefit plan.


The Director of Human Resources has the authority to change, modify or approve exceptions to this policy at any time with or without notice and with the approval of the Executive Administrative team through the University President.
West Virginia Workers Compensation

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