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Theodore Pauls
Department Chair
Email: tpauls@wju.edu
Phone: 304-243-2313

Distinguished Speaker Series

The Institute has a distinguished speaker program in order to provide a series of forums for discussing issues regarding capitalism and morality, business ethics, and related issues.


Scheduled Speaker:

Michael Munger, Ph.D.
"Tomorrow 3.0: The Sharing-Middleman Economy"
Date: Monday, September 19, 2016
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Where: National Technology Transfer Center Auditorium

2015 - 2016

Scheduled Speaker:

Alexei Marcoux
"Why Entrepreneurship Theory Matters: Economically, Politically and Morally"
Date: Thursday, November 19, 2015
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Where: National Technology Transfer Center Auditorium

2014 - 2015

Andrew Bernstein, Ph.D.
"The Nature of Heroism"

Date: Monday, April 20, 2015
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Where: National Technology Transfer Center Auditorium

Richard Ebeling
BB&T Distinguished Professor of Ethics and Free Enterprise Leadership at The Citadel, in Charleston, South Carolina
John Maynard Keynes: A vision for the future or a ghost from the past?
Date: Monday, November 10th
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Where: National Technology Transfer Center Auditorium

Benjamin Powell
Director, Free Market Institute, Texas Tech University; Visiting Professor in the Rawls' College of Business
"Sweatshops: Improving Lives and Economic Growth
Date: Wednesday, April 2, 2014
Time: 7:00pm
Location: National Technology Transfer Center Auditorium

David L. Holmes
Walter G. Mason Professor of Religious Studies, Emeritus, at the College of William & Mary
"Faiths of the Postwar Presidents: From Truman to Obama"
Date: Thursday, October 10, 2013
Time: 7:00pm
Location: National Technology Transfer Center Auditorium


Mark Lance, Ph.D.
Professor of Philosophy and Professor of Justice and Peace, Georgetown University
"Commodification Incarnate: What capitalism has made of us and the potential for change"

C. Bradley Thompson
Executive Director, The Clemson Institute for the Study of Capitalism
"Self-Interest Rightly Understood" 

Stephen Hicks, Ph.D.
Department of Philosophy and the Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship, Rockford College, Illinois
"The Virtuous Entrepreneur: Value Creation and Morality in Business"


Edwin A. Locke, Ph.D.
Dean's Professor of Leadership and Motivation (Emeritus), University of Maryland
"Business Heroes in Fact & Fiction"

Patrick J. McCormick III
Republican Special Counsel, Committee on Energy & Natural Resources
"Striking the Energy - Environmental Balance"

Andy Gillette
Charles Koch Institute
"Principled Entrepreneurship in the Firm"

William Kline, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Liberal Studies, University of Illinois at Springfield
"Business IS Ethics" 
View Filmed Lecture


Thomas A. Bausch, Ph.D.
Dean Emeritus of the College of Business Administration at Marquette University
"Mother Teresa and Jack Welch - Equally Important for the Flourishing of Humanity."

Michael Budde, Ph.D.
Professor of Catholic Studies & Professor of Political Science at DePaul University 
"Can Corporations Save the Church?"

John A. Allison
Retired Chairman & CEO, BB&T Corporation 
 "Principled Leadership"


William J. Byron, S.J., Ph.D.
Research Professor, Sellinger School of Business, Loyola College, Maryland
"Political and Economic Philosophy in the Light of Catholic Social Teaching."

Eric Daniels, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor, Clemson Institute for the Study of Capitalism
"The Morality of Capitalism."

Regina Ferreira Bento, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Director, C. Roland Christensen Center for Teaching & Learning
"Values-Driven Leadership."


Andrew Bernstein, Ph.D.
Visiting Professor of Philosophy at Marist College in New York and Professor of Philosophy at SUNY Purchase
"Atlas Shrugged as the Culmination of the Romantic Novel."

Russell S. Sobel, Ph.D.
Professor of Economics, James Clark Coffman Distinguished Chair, College of Business & Economics, West Virginia University
"The Rule of Law: Perspectives on Legal and Judicial Reform in West Virginia"

Douglas B. Rasmussen, Ph.D.
Professor of Philosopy, St. John's University, New York City
"Making Room for Business Ethics: Rights as Metanorms for Market and Moral Values."


Dr. Thomas E. Woods, Jr., Ph.D.
Senior Fellow, Ludwig von Mises Institute
"Globalization and the Churches: Are We Ready to Learn from Failure?"

Dr. Daniel Finn, Ph.D.
The William E. & Virginia Clemens Professor of Economics & the Liberal Arts Department of Economics Professor of Theology in the School of Theology & the Department of Theology St. John's University
"Ten Libertarian Heresies that Tempt Neo-conservative Catholics to Stray from Catholic Social Thought. "

Doug Bandow
Vice-President, Policy for Citizen Outreach
"Politics and Religion"


Piotr Jaroszynski, Ph.D.
Chair, Dept. of Culture Studies, Catholic University of Lublin, Poland
"Poland: From Communist Rule to the Free-market and the Future of the European Economic Union"

Fr. Kenneth Himes, Ph.D.
Chair, Dept. of Theology, Boston College
"The Morality of Free Markets: A Catholic Perspective"

Yaron Brook, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Ayn Rand Institute
"In Defense of the Morality of Free Financial Markets"
Russel Sobel, Ph.D.
Professor of Economics, James Clark Coffman Distinguished Chair, West Virginia University
"Unleashing Capitalism in West Virginia"

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