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Daniel Weimer
Department Chair
Email: dweimer@wju.edu
Phone: 304-243-2004

History Major and Minor

Students are encouraged to approach their studies from a comprehensive background of materials, avoiding narrow interpretations. Thus, a major or minor in history is excellent preparation for a student who seeks to work in such fields as law, foreign service, journalism, international business, or government at all levels, as well as those who seek such professional areas as education, museum management, or archival work. Our courses stress systematic research and considerable reading and writing.

Upon completion of the history program, students will be able to
demonstrate the ability to:

  1. Analyze contemporary events and problems in historical
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of major events, trends and personalities
    of the western tradition.
  3. Search effectively for information on current and past topics
    using contemporary research tools.
  4. Write factually accurate and insightful explanations of historical
  5. Communicate factual information and research findings in
    a concise and articulate oral manner.

Requirements for a History Major Bachelor of Arts Degree


  • HIS 110  The Twentieth Century  (3 crs) 
  • HIS 120  Historical Methods  (3 crs) 
  • HIS 386  Junior Seminar (3 crs)

In addition to the core curriculum requirements of this catalog, history
majors will complete 30 credit hours of the following courses:

  • HIS 211, 212  History of the American People  (6 crs) 
  • HIS 351, 352  The Western Tradition
    (only offered every other year) (6 crs) 
  • HIS 486  Senior Seminar   (3 crs) 
  • Two non-western history courses
    (Non-western HIS 120 courses might count.
    See chairperson for approval.)  (3-6 crs)
  • Three or four free history electives  (9-12 crs)

    A total of 30-36 crs
    HIS 351 and HIS 352 should be taken in the sophomore or junior
    year, since they are only offered every other year. Otherwise, students may encounter difficulties in scheduling student teaching or other senior requirements.

Requirements for a History Minor

Minors must complete seven courses including HIS 110 and the history proseminar HIS 120, one elective in each of the three areas of European, American and Non-western and two history electives.

Core Fulfilling Course

The core requirement in history may be fulfilled by taking the
following courses:

  • HIS 110 The Twentieth Century
  • HIS 120 Historical Methods

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