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Ann Baker
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Email: abaker@wju.edu
Phone: 304-243-2334

Nursing Quiz

1. What profession has the highest hourly wage of the four listed

A. Social workers
B. Technical writers
C. Photographers
D. Registered nurses

2. What do experts predict about the availability of nursing positions?
A. For the next 20 years, there will be more positions available than
    there will be nurses to fill them.
B. Even though the number of positions is growing, the number of
    nurses has increased at a faster rate leaving the employment
    market flat.
C. A temporary nursing shortage exists that will reverse in five years
    so that opportunities will be short lived.
D. Hospitals are not hiring nurses due to increased expenses and
    decreased complexities of patient needs.

3. Why should a student enter nursing with a BSN degree rather than with an associate degree or diploma?
A. To develop leadership and critical thinking skills
B. To be eligible for promotion
C. To earn more money over one's career
D. All of the above

4. What is the major reason for the admission of a patient to a hospital?
A. The need for surgery
B. In order to have technical tests performed
C. The need for 24-hour nursing assessment and care
D. In order for the patient to participate in a variety of therapies

5. Approximately what percent of nurses work in hospitals?
A. 100 percent
B. 85 percent
C. 75 percent
D. 65 percent

6. What is the highest academic degree in nursing?
A. Associate degree in nursing (A.D.N.)
B. Bachelor of science degree in nursing (B.S.N.)
C. Master of science degree in nursing (M.S.N.)
D. Doctor of philosophy in nursing (Ph.D.)

7. What profession is the nation's largest health care profession?
A. Physicians
B. Dentists
C. Registered Nurses
D. X-Ray Technicians

8. What is the primary role of a nurse practitioner?
A. Any nurse who practices in the community setting.
B. A nurse who promotes health, treats people with routine illnesses 
    and prescribes medications.
C. A nurse who teaches other nurses and who also works in the
D. A nurse who administers anesthesia during surgery.

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