50 Year Club - Class Gift

Start Image of John Aluisethinking about your class gift to the University!

The class of 1964 is the model for all of us to consider. They started planning at their 45th reunion. They set a goal to raise $250,000 by 2014 for a scholarship for future WJU students. Many have pledged a certain amount per month. Thirty dollars a month for 5 years would result in an $1800 gift and $15 a month for 5 years would be a $900 gift. 

A Jesuit education is a treasure very few are able to experience. The gift increases the number of students who will have that chance and guarantees the high standards of a WJU education. Most of us are at a time in our lives that we can look back and realize our Jesuit education formed the foundation for our success. It is now time to give back. A little bit every month from every member of your class will make a significant gift for your 50th. Let's follow the lead of the class of 1964. Let's start the ball rolling.

Class member and scholarship supporter John Aluise said, "At this time in my life, I now can share some time, talent and treasure for the benefit of the institution that had significant influence upon my values and my professional growth. The commitment that the Class of 1964 made to establish an endowed scholarship will enable Wheeling Jesuit to continue to shape the lives of young men and women. I strongly encourage my fellow alumni to return some of their time, talent and treasure to a most worthy cause. We have been touched for a lifetime. Give a gift that can touch beyond your lifetime". John is a leader by example. In addition to the above contributions, the Aluise Family established a scholarship for a Huntington area student to attend WJU.