Career Center Faculty

Career Advisers offer a variety of helpful faculty resources. Some of our assistance and resources are as follows:

Class Presentations
Career Advisors would be more than happy to visit your class and give a presentation on various topics. Faculty have in the past requested programs such as resume writing, cover letters and interview strategies. We would appreciate as much advanced notice as possible and request at least 24 hrs. notice. Once we receive your request, someone will notify you to confirm whether or not we can meet your request and confirm any details.

We have various handouts on different useful topics, such as Choosing A Major, Composing A Resume, Job Searching, Interviewing, and Applying To Graduate School. These handouts may prove helpful for your students.

Mock Interviews 
Career Advisers will sit down with a student and will put him/her through a trial interview. Mock interviews provide students with an opportunity to practice and hone their interviewing skills. Interviews for graduate school admission and employment opportunities can be conducted. Then the student and advisor will review and critique the interview together.

Career Library 
The Career Library is located towards the back of the library between the conference rooms and the microfilm viewers. Career titiles are available for checkout from the library only. Check with Bishop Hodges Library for library hours. Many e-book resources that are related the careers are available as well.

Student Internship Opportunities
For details on the role as a faculty advisor for an internship, check out our Internship Resources.