Career Center Interviews

Being great at interviewing is a process of practicing, adjusting and feeling more comfortable in the environment. There are many different types of interviews, but the key to every interview is preparation.

3 keys to a successful interview:

  1. Research the company or organization prior to interviewing. 
  1. Be confident. Speak with clarity, enthusiasm and focus. 
  1. Sell your strengths. Try to relate your strengths and previous experiences to the position you are interviewing for.

In order to help students (and alumni) develop their interview skills, Career Services offers mock interviewing. During a mock interview, a Career Services staff member will interview you, as if you are in an actual job, internship or graduate school interview. This interview is usually recorded, and after the interview, we will discuss the highlights, what went well, and what could be improved. Schedule a mock interview by visiting our online calendar click here