Parkhurst Dining Dining Guidelines

The following is a list of policies that students must adhere to when using the dining service facilities:

  1. Food and drink may not be taken out of the Benedum Room for any reason. An approved carryout program is available upon request. Approved carryout guidelines are available in the B-Room.
  2. Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times with the exception of programmatic awareness days approved by Student Development.
  3. Athletic gear is not permitted in the Benedum Room.
  4. Utensils and equipment may not be removed from the dining service area.
  5. Meal plan meals are non-transferable (With the exception of guest meal passes) and may not be shared.
  6. Abusive and/or insulting language, disruptive behavior, vandalism, and infringement on the rights of others will result in disciplinary action.
  7. The university dining service does not accept liability for any lost or stolen articles.
  8. All other Wheeling Jesuit University standards or conduct policies as outlined in the WJU student guidelines handbook.

Policies and Procedures

Your student ID card acts as your meal card. The computerized ID system is used to protect you, by preventing unauthorized persons from using your meal services. Treat your ID card as if it were a credit card or cash. You are responsible for the condition of your card and liable for its replacement.

Card scanners are used in each dining facility. Since this is the only way to verify your meal status, it is mandatory that you present your student ID card each time you use the dining facility.

The computer verifies your remaining meals available throughout the semester. ID cards are non-transferable. Our block meal plans will allow you access to the dining facilities.

Do not share your card. Unauthorized use of meal privileges is subject to disciplinary action or fees for both parties. The checker or manager will collect any unauthorized cards.

Comments and Suggestions

We always want to hear from you. Students are our best source of information. Good feedback from you, our guest, will only help us to provide better service to you. Please drop us a note via our comment card stations or stop by and speak with a manager. We truly want your input to help us provide everyone with an improved dining program.