Doctor of Physical Therapy Department Tour

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Physical Therapy Science Lab

The Physical Therapy Science lab is where hands on skills are taught and practices by students. The equipment is also stored and used in this room.

Basic Science Room

The Basic Science room is where several classes are held for DPT students and library with models are located. 

Study Rooms

The newer center offers several study rooms to provide students with a quiet, private space to meet as a group and study.

Computer Lab

The DPT facilities provide students with their own computer lab which includes free printing for students.

Student Lounge

The Stone Center provides students with their own lounge to gather, have a meal, and take a study break between classes. Vending machines are also located in this area for students

Faculty Offices

The new DPT facilities now include private office space which includes 14 faculty offices, an adjunct faculty office, and departmental conference room.


The move to the Stone Center also includes a newly renovated auditorium that can hold 124 people. This space is used for large lectures, tests, speakers, and conferences.