Wheeling Jesuit President and Designer Team Up to Create New Logo for University

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  Monday, August 7, 2017 1:37 PM
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Wheeling, WV

Wheeling Jesuit University recently unveiled a new logo - a logo that highlights the campus' iconic bell tower, the hills of West Virginia and the university motto. 

During the summer, WJU President, Dr. Debra Townsley was sitting in her office one day and began sketching some ideas for a new logo on a piece of paper. She was incorporating some images that stand out on campus.

“Our chapel bell tower is the one structure people identify with and it defines our campus as a Jesuit, Catholic institution. So I began trying to figure ways to work the tower into our initials - WJU. Since the campus also sits nestled in the midst of these beautiful mountains, I thought we needed to draw those in as well,” the president explained.

Townsley's drawings highlighted the university's initials -WJU - with the bell tower incorporated into the letter J. She drew some mountains in the background. The final piece, the Wheeling Jesuit tag line, Let Your Light Shine, was scrolled across the bottom of the letters.

Wheeling Jesuit's bell tower, located in between the Chapel of Mary and Joseph and Swint Hall in the center of campus, is a tall, thin structure with a large cross at the top. “The bell tower is an iconic landmark on this campus - and I knew making it a part of the logo was a must, because it defines who we are as a Jesuit university,” the president added.

Once she had a couple of ideas on paper, Townsley went to Brittany Rife, WJU's web and design administrator, who took the president's sketches brought them to life - digitally.

“After hearing and seeing Dr. Townsley's ideas, I knew I wanted to help her design a logo that was simple, modern, but still very Wheeling Jesuit,” Rife explained. 

She began creating some concepts based on Townsley's ideas.

Rife said she used bold lettering for the WJU to set a foundation for the entire logo. 

“I used more delicate line work and graphics to showcase some of the best parts of Wheeling Jesuit - the rolling hills of West Virginia in the background to illustrate the beauty of our campus, the Chapel of Mary and Joseph bell tower to emphasize our strong Catholic and Jesuit foundations, and the text "Let Your Light Shine" at the bottom to highlight our school motto,” she explained.

With the new logo now complete, Townsley said the university will begin to incorporate it on the web site, in new printed materials, as well as on letterhead, envelopes and business cards.

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